Penis Extenders vs Operations and Procedures

Ok guys, this one I have a lot of experience in seeing that I’ve seen the results of penis surgery first-hand with some of my adult co-stars.

The results will surprise you.

What is penis enlargement surgery?

Penis enlargement operation is any medical procedure that plans to artificially enlargen the organ.

There are many procedures that are categorized by penis enlargement operation, and here are some, simply to name a few:

Glanular enhancement – Making the penis glans (mushroom tip) bigger.

Silicone injections – For raising girth, much like silicone breast implants.

For increasing the size of specific penile ligaments to target a span increase.

Sadly, penis enlargement surgical procedures are a number of the most dangerous ones out there.

A number of the risks of penis enlargement surgery include, but aren’t restricted to:

Amputation – really losing penis size due to tissues becoming damaged enough.

Urinary infections and dysfunction – physiological malfunctions and ailments linked to the passing of urine.


Mortality rates and the genuine success rates depend on the doctor-surgeon you are going with. But let us next take a look at some published achievement rate amounts.

The achievement rates of penis enlargement operation

The cost of penis enlargement surgery

The advantages of penis enlargement surgery

The verdict

The risks of penis enlargement surgery are high to be as subjective as possible, as well as the gains vary from non existent to borderline.

It is typically reserved for life threatening circumstances like heart failure, cancer, and freak accidents like car crashes.

Regrettably, all the hazards of operation from these ailments that are classic carry over to penis enlargement surgery, which intends to address something non life-threatening, but rather purely decorative.

Guys get so hysterical about dick size they think that there is no other choice besides surgery.

Luckily there is one: penis extenders.

Do penis extenders differ?

Luckily, there is a more attractive choice: penis extenders.

We will not talk about them much here, but that link only above is an excellent crash course into what they’re all about.

Not to mention, they can be clinically proven to work and there are many testimonials advocating their effectiveness.

Certainly, they are very practical to use in a daily routine that is simple – probably easier than brushing your teeth two times a day and flossing at least once a day.

I used to work as a desginer-engineer in the medical devices industry.

No, I did not work on penis extenders, or anything member associated, but rather, high-stakes lung monitoring apparatus at Virginia Tech.

We’d investors, consultants, attorneys, the whole 9-yards.

While I can not describe in detail what exactly our lung-task was (I am under a non-disclosure agreement), I can give you some secrets into some intriguing industry paradigms that concerned every physician.

In other words, the physicians were looking for more medical treatment alternatives that were noninvasive.

No cutting or opening of the entire body to run the treatment necessary.

That means physicians want devices that may diagnose and treat patients and never having to call the surgeon.

This means more economical, safer, and more-regularly (with new, witty engineering) – more effective solutions.

For example, physicians do not desire to install a heart monitor through open-heart surgery – but instead utilize proper heart function to be determined by acoustic guitars.

Member extender apparatus are a direct effect of this routine.

Who can actually fork over thousands of dollars for a penis enlargement operation – only the exceptionally rich or the poor-but- desperate ones.

Unfortunately, that’s not a whole lot of folks, I can guarantee you that.

Member extenders provide a safe, practical penis enlargement technique that’s easily accessible (and affordable) by most men.

They’re easy and straightforward to use – however, you want to make sure that you get specific things right when purchasing them.

To Conclude this article:

Ultimately, it is up to you. We are here to simply train you on the realities of the issue of penis extenders versus penis enlargement operation.

I am sure you can agree that the dangers and advantages for operation are not too brilliant.

Nonetheless, the same as the paradigms we’ve discovered with the doctors I Have worked with at VT to on revolutionize lung monitoring, you can be assured they would approve of something non-invasive like a penis extender over surgery, any day.

The sole time they’d want to offer surgery is if they were extremely confident with their skills and they can provide that service for a sizable fee to you.

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