The Definitive Guide to Using Tinder to Increase Your Meet-Up Rate

Swiping right has become a ubiquitous part of single culture in the Western world, but matching with people on Tinder doesn’t ultimately mean that you’ll get a date— or something more— with a girl.

Many men on Tinder look to match with anyone and everyone on the dating app, a habit that becomes particularly problematic for those who use the app to date. Unfortunately, some guys take this to the extreme.

For example, one man in Northern California famously swiped right on over 200,000 women, spending $6,000 in the process.

Despite his insane efforts— he is said to have come into contact with about six percent of all women in the San Francisco Bay area— he remained single.

This post will highlight strategies for using Tinder effectively, regardless of your reasons for using it.

General Tips

  • Have a thoughtful profile. By completely filling out your profile, it shows that you’re serious about getting to know others, while assuring them that you’re not a bot using a fake profile. It also helps you get more matches, as more people will find you interesting.
  • Use proper grammar and spelling. While no one expects you to write Pulitzer Prize-winning material on your profile, good spelling and grammar shows you are conscientious and have some modicum of intelligence.
  • Profile pic should have just you. Many people use a group photo for their profile pic, which is generally a mistake. You don’t want people to swipe left because they’re too lazy to go through the rest of your photos to find out who you are.
  • Be transparent. Don’t try to hide how you look, as it’ll catch up to you. Good matches will accept you for how you are.
  • Share interesting photos. Sharing photos of you doing a variety of things in a variety of settings helps portray you as an interesting person. Don’t be afraid to show yourself with friends in non-profile pics.

Some call pets a no-no, but studies have shown that as a whole, pets tend to help those with dating profiles.

Using Tinder to Date

  • Look fun. If you’re looking to date others on Tinder, it’s important to come off as being either exciting, fun-loving, or interesting. While this may mean different things for different people, the most important thing is that you look like someone that a match could enjoy spending time around.
  • Don’t look dangerous. Needless to say, a guy who looks menacing and dangerous will have trouble getting dates on Tinder. Ways to avoid looking creepy include having appropriate pictures (no lewd or violent images), and an innocuous bio. Smiling in your photos also certainly helps!
  • Radiate confidence. While many people let Tinder destroy their confidence, it’s important to be confident from the beginning, and remain confident. One key way to establish a confident vibe on Tinder is by avoiding self-deprecation in your bio, and looking happy and comfortable in your profile photos.
  • Be creative. Creativity will help you stand out from others, which is important on an app where the average user only looks at a potential match’s profile and bio for a few seconds at most. If being witty, ironic, or funny isn’t your strong suit, using something borrowed from someone else can also work.

Using Tinder for Relationships

  • Prioritize your bio. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, bios can help clarify your interests, priorities, and intentions. Take time to share your genuine self.
  • Be as neutral as possible. Don’t get into divisive topics, like religion or politics. Don’t have pictures of exes, guns, or children in your profile. Again, inspire as little doubt as possible.
  • Be clear. Make it clear that you are only looking for a serious relationship, or something that will develop into a serious one. This way you can avoid those who are not looking for anything more than a fling.
  • Emphasize conversation. When trying to find a relationship on Tinder, it’s important to try to initially spark conversation based upon noteworthy tidbits from one’s pictures or on one’s profile. Make sure to keep the conversation flowing. Asking interesting questions is a good way to go.

Using Tinder for Hookups

  • Pictures! When someone is looking to simply have a fling, they’ll most likely ignore anything that’s not a seductive or attractive picture. This goes not only for guys, but girls as well. For your profile pic, it’s important to establish a clear shot of your face. For secondary and tertiary pictures, you should include a full body shot and a photo of yourself in a social situation.
  • Don’t be too selective. After all, unless you’re Brad Pitt, beggars can’t be choosers. Avoid swiping left unless you find someone absolutely repulsive. It’s a numbers game.
  • Don’t emphasize your bio. While you might want to put a link to your Instagram— or link it directly— it’s generally not that smart to write a novel in your bio if you’re looking for a hookup. People generally don’t care about your obscure interests or talents if they’re looking for a one-night stand.
  • Look to take the conversation offline quickly. Because you’re not looking to develop anything serious, there’s a better chance a Tinder hookup will work if you look to move quickly. The longer you wait, the better the chance it’ll fall apart.

Whether you’re looking for something serious, playful, or anything in between, hopefully this post provides some helpful advice.

It’s important to note that men are matched with and messaged much less than an equally attractive woman, so it’s imperative to not get discouraged.

Another common misconception is that Tinder is only for a certain demographic. With over 50 million active users, there’s someone out there for everyone!

Happy swiping!

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