Ceiling-fan-blade-cleaner-vacuum, microfiber duster with extension pole(stainless steel) 30 to 100'', with bendable head, extendable long duster for cleaning ceiling fan, high ceiling, keyboard, furniture cars. This has been the best attachment to clean the fan by far. others only clean one side, or just have a brush to sweep the dust away, often times falling down to the floor. this attachment has strong brushes that will clean both top and bottom of the fan blade (preventing the fan itself from moving) and will suck most of the dust up into the vacuum., the microfiber fan duster by quickie is a great tool for cleaning your ceiling fan blades. the power of microfiber helps grab and trap dust and dirt - while minimizing the amount of debris that would normally fall to the floor when using ordinary fan blade cleaners..

Gibtool flexible soft vacuum accessories and attachments dusting brush 35mm-32mm adapter perfect for cleaning furniture & ceiling vacuum cleaner attachments for 1-1/4'' or 1-3/8'' standard hose, visit the post for more. 4 ideas to keep your ceiling fans clean breezy ceiling fan vacuum brush for electrolux fan blade cleaner best ceiling harbor breeze fan blade cleaner best ceiling harbor breeze can any vacuum cleaner the dust from false ceilings and fans.

A duster with 5 types of dusting heads and 2 types of extension rods that aim to give a 20 feet-high reach, docapole high-reach duster kit leaves its competitors far behind and emerges as the best ceiling fan duster anyone can lay their hands on., ez spares replacement for universal vacuum cleaner brush, 1 1/4inch(32mm) 2 in 1multi-angle dusting brush soft flexible crevice tool with pp hair for delicate surface cleaning ceiling furniture 4.4 out of 5 stars 68 $25.98 $ 25. 98. All you must do is attach the ceiling fan brush on to the end of your wand and reach up towards your ceiling. owners of older electrolux canister vacuums, with pistol-grip handles, can combine as many electrolux plastic vacuum wands as needed to reach the necessary height. the width of this attachment will be adequate for most ceiling fans., product description ceiling fan duster the ceiling fan duster lets you clean ceiling fans and other hard to reach spots without dangerously climbing on chairs or ladders. the double-sided brush removes dust from both sides of the fan blades in one swoop using static electricity. also, works great as a dust mop!.

Extend the vacuum handle to reach the fan. stand slightly off to the side below the ceiling fan and hold the vacuum handle at arm’s length. you may need to be elevated to reach the top of the fan blades if you’re short, have high ceilings or if the dusting attachment on your vacuum doesn’t have a curved structure.