Ceiling-fan-does-not-work-on-all-speeds, adjusting the ceiling fan speed helps to regulate the air flow and temperature. ceiling fans usually have at least three speeds from which they operate. speeds are regulated through the use of a pull chain. this pull chain is set on the side of the ceiling fan and can sometimes cause problems.. Generally, it has been noticed that older ceiling fan does not work on all three speeds compare to new ceiling fans. very often it starts running slower than the accurate speed and becomes too hot as the capacitor blocks get failed. even a buzzing sound can be heard from the fan’s motor as it strives deliberately to spin the fan blades., how to fix a ceiling fan stuck on medium or slow speed (part 1) is easy...when you know how. joe has a ceiling fan here that is ....

If you are having problems with your ceiling fan or if it does not work properly, maybe your ceiling fan capacitor is in bad shape. if your fan does not work on all of its speeds or if it runs very slow, then that’s a sign that you already need to replace the fan capacitor., ceiling fans that operate at speeds slower than normal can have one of four problems. two of these issues are mechanical: loss of bearing lubrication and poor blade balance. the other two are electrical: either a bad capacitor or damaged winding..

If you purchased this fan from us, del mar fans & lighting, please call 1-800-724-5501, or click to chat with our customer service team. if you purchased this fan in the last 90 days, we will be happy to process a return of your ceiling fan or exchange for a different fan., for those who are having a problem with their hunter 3-speed fan not working on all speeds, listen up: my fan would work on low speed and high speed, but when i selected medium speed, i got low speed..

As long as your ceiling fan does not come with a remote control and just has switches on the fan and wall, the culprit maybe your ceiling fan speed switch. with a simple replacement, you should be able to get all 3 speeds again., there is a 3 speed pull chain switch on the fan. these switches are commonly available at home depot, lowe's and menard's. this is most likely the problem, it's not switching circuits like it should..

The 4 wire switch has markings on one side that shows, l 1 2 3. the l stands for load which is the black wire. 1,2,3 are the fan speed control wires.