Changing-a-ceiling-fan-switch, this video describes an easy way to replace a 3 speed ceiling switch. you might also like other videos of mine. just type lsailor1 in the youtube search bar.. How to replace a light with a ceiling fan (install a ceiling fan) - step by step - duration: 21:02. tomahawk diy 272,638 views, connect the wires of your new switch to the ceiling fan light fixture, matching one pair at a time. twist the exposed ends of the wires together in a clockwise direction, place the wire nut on it and twist in a clockwise direction again to tighten it. repeat this process for all the matching pairs of colored wires. step 6 – reassemble.

Turn the ceiling fan’s circuit break off to disconnect the electricity. hold a noncontact voltage detector against the ceiling fan wall switch and against the top of the fan where it attaches to..., how to replace a ceiling fan speed switch: my ceiling fan speed switch broke and it got stuck on high. i had another fan sitting around, so i took the one from that.. How to replace a ceiling fan. so your old fan is looking a little worn out, or maybe it just stopped working altogether. you need that cool breeze on those balmy summer days, so it's up to you to switch out your fan for a better option...., open up the switch in the ceiling fan and remove the broken piece of chain before replacing it with a longer one. if your switch is completely broken, purchase a replacement at a local hardware store before removing the old one and installing the new switch. make sure you turn the power source off before taking apart the ceiling fan to be safe.