Highest-wind-speed-ceiling-fan, most people would assume the 11,000 cfm fan will create the strongest breeze, but that is incorrect. plug the numbers into our calculator below and you will find the larger fan only has a 2.12 mph wind speed factor, while the smaller fan is 4.34 mph.. Wind speed factor info the higher the wind speed factor the cooler you will feel! 4.31 mph if you want a ceiling fan that can be used in any location, whether it be indoors or outdoors, you need something with true rugged performance. that's why we chose the 52" renegade from modern forms., shop high cfm ceiling fans at orders over $40 ship free! high airflow ceiling fans circulate large amounts of air while consuming little energy with above average cfm ratings..

And speaking of big, the most efficient ceiling fans of all are made by a company with the audacious name of big ass fans. their haiku residential fan, shown below, is gorgeous and has efficacies that range from 846 to 1018 cfm/watt on low speed and 422 to 549 cfm/watt on high speed. they blow most of the others away.