Roof-rats-arizona, roof rats are actually black rats, though they can be other colors, and can be identified by their large ears and scaly tails that are almost always longer than their bodies. they get their name.... The roof rat, or black rat (rattus rattus) is an old world rodent species not native to north america that was identified in a phoenix neighborhood in 2001. it poses both a health and safety hazard., for rattus rattus, the scientific name for what we call roof rats, arizona is now home. also known as the black rat, this rodent poses a plague of hazards, including the plague. according to the university of arizona, aside from disease transmission, roof rats eat and contaminate food, chew on household wiring, and tear up home insulation..

Roof rats can build pretty big colonies when given the chance. the life of a roof rat if you can hear roof rats scurrying around in your walls throughout the day, it’s likely you have a large infestation. roof rats only live a short 12-month lifespan, but they make the most of it. …, [カード決済でポイント7倍~][セール]特注カスタムクラブ オノフ フェアウェイアームズ ラボスペック rd-247 tour ad dj シャフト 正規,2019公式店舗 【最新入荷】[カード決済でポイント7倍~][セール]特注カスタムクラブ オノフ フェアウェイアームズ ラボスペック rd-247 tour ad dj シャフト .... Roof rats, as the name implies, make their nests in phoenix area attics. they’re a specialized rat that has adapted to the modern lifestyle of humans here in the desert. why are they so common in phoenix? gilbert and tempe are both in the top-5 for roof rats nationwide., licensing. roof rat control, including (but not limited to) site specific recommendations and offering to perform pest control work, requires a pest control license, for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: consumer health and financial safety, effective control, legislative mandate.