Roof-shooting-hoax, convicted charleston shooter dylann roof is child actor john christian graas the conviction of charleston church shooter dylann roof led to the recirculation of rumors he is actually a former child.... Trump promises to pardon dylann roof an image purporting to show a tweet sent by donald trump, in which he promised to pardon accused mass shooter dylann roof, was a hoax., -comment you opinion please does this look photoshopped to you at all? does the pole shadow look a bit off ? shouldnt it be conformed to what it is falling a.... The media completely butchered the ghost of jim crow narrative back in 2015 with the dylann roof shooting hoax., well that episode of seinfeld aired in 1993 which would put the actor in 30s. a bit older than roof. but they never let facts get in the way of their conspiracy theories..

The body armor. the video of dylann roof entering the church clearly shows some form of body army under his clothes. normally that would be expected for a shooter but in the confession interview dylann said he made sure he had an extra clip, not for the police but for himself., charleston shooting hoax tuesday, june 23, 2015 dylann roof was a liberal terrorist dylann roof was not a right winger..

Story: charleston church shooting is a hoax. other versions. the south carolina church mass shooting is a hoax. analysis: various stories, pictures and videos in wide circulation online claim that the 17 june 2015 mass shooting in the historic emanuel african methodist episcopal church in charleston (south carolina) that killed 9 people and left some wounded is a hoax., the charleston church shooting (also known as the charleston church massacre) was a mass shooting on june 17, 2015, in charleston, south carolina, in which nine african americans were killed during a bible study at the emanuel african methodist episcopal church.among those people who were killed was the senior pastor, state senator clementa c. pinckney; three victims survived.