Small-bathroom-addition, small bathroom color palettes don't have be limited to whites and grays. in a small space, you can use bright, bold colors and patterns that might be overwhelming in a larger room.. For a modern small bathroom idea, choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish. gloss finishes reflect the light and will amp up the brightness level. a neutral color palette featuring a monochromatic look of beige, brown and white will make a small bath feel soothing rather than cramped., as you begin your search for small bathroom design ideas, it might seem that decorators only cater to those with the expansive bathrooms normally featured in decor magazines and home renovation television shows.don’t be disheartened! if your bathroom is barely big enough to accommodate one petite person, rest assured that you’re not alone..

A bathroom addition can range from a small half-bath (sink, toilet and mirror) to a spa-like master bath. adding a bathroom is usually more expensive per square foot than other rooms because it requires specific types of plumbing, heating, electricity and ventilation., read these 15 easy ideas to create a more spacious feel in your small bathroom, from adding a space-saving sink to a large mirror..

Bathroom addition cost the average cost to add a bathroom addition to an existing space is $7,600 with some homeowners paying as little as $2,500. the cost to build a new bathroom addition to your house will cost around $22,000 on average, or $47,000 to $87,000 on the high-end., a bathroom can be squeezed into an amazingly small space. an area 3 feet by 5 feet handles a sink and toilet; 3 feet by 8 feet is enough for a shower too, especially with today's stylish shower enclosures. architects maintain that a second or third bathroom can be installed into almost any size home if you look carefully..

Just like floors, there’s a small barrier to entry when it comes to bathroom counters. back in the day, laminate was all the rage. today, laminate is associated with a cheap bathroom addition. quarts and granite have dominated the countertop industry recently, while stone is always a popular choice for larger bathroom remodeling budgets., in a small space like a bathroom, every detail matters: the right wall color, tilework or lighting can transform a dull, dated bathroom into a bright, stylish retreat.. Design sponge. adding wainscoting to your bathroom creates a more classic look and lends a bit of visual interest. for a more design-forward approach, invest in a graphic wallpaper, such as this tropical one seen on design keeping the wainscoting white and neutral, the bold print adds a pop of personality without overwhelming the small space.