Ugh-jimmy-marble, ugh! a new short film written and directed by jimmy marble, coming soon. produced by taylor vandegrift with ways & means. starring carly foulkes and nika de carlo. Behind the scenes from new short film ugh! written and directed by jimmy marble, 所有有關時空穿梭的故事,都好像總是剛陽味濃,譬如說somewhere in‭ ‬time、the‭ ‬jacket、time after‭ ‬time、interstellar、terminator等,即使是the time‭ ‬traveler’s wife,那個traveller也是男性。而這些男生擁有穿梭時間或預知未來的能力,以致擔起了拯救未來或改寫歷史的角色。. Ugh jimmy marble. about the director(s) jimmy marble is a director and photographer based in los angeles, california, where he lives with his wife and two sons. pod save america | hbo. jimmy marble's poor cherries original music for jimmy marble's poor cherries short film., for hire . post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace..

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