Ugly-view-from-kitchen-window, i live in an older, high-density neighborhood, where my one-story house is situated about 20 feet from a two-story apartment. i keep my curtains drawn every day, because my living room window looks right into my neighbor’s property. sick of this approach, i looked for ideas that could help mask unappealing views both inside and out.. Ugly view from kitchen to hide a bad view out your windows windows window . window shelving for orchids ikea hackers pinterest . diy idea: hanging terra cotta pot system at red farm via . the best inspiration, ugly view from kitchen window. hide ugly view how to hide an ugly view by making it beautiful when our house was built i imagine the back of it looked over gardens, or at least fields, but since then progress has left its mark and behind our house is an office block. mount a shelf in front of a window for partial coverage..

If one of your windows looks out upon a brick wall, your neighbor's a/c units, trash cans, a parking lot, your neighbor's house, a construction site, a back alley, a driveway, utility meters, or anything else unattractive, then you should find a way to disguise the view instead of closing your curtains and blocking out all of the light., 2. focal point or sculptural art: creating a focal point means to create a main (center) point so that everything else drops into the background. if people have a modern home with a poor view outside the window then the fix would be to find the center of the window or garden and hang plants or pile stones so the poor view disappears into the background..

Jun 10, 2014 - information about interior design, interior decoration, decorating ideas, and more., we aren’t all lucky to get an amazing view from our home’s windows. sometimes instead of gorgeous urban skyline or serene forest to gaze out onto, you’re stuck with an unwanted sneak peek of someone’s apartment through their window, a bland and boring brown plain fence or visions of neighborhood cats using your side yard as a litter box. instead of keeping the blinds down and the ....

Hang curtains high and wide. just because a window is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be the focal point of a room. create an illusion of width by using a curtain rod that extends three to six ..., panels, shades and blinds are capable of providing unobstructed views or privacy but they can’t manage both at once. window film strikes the ideal balance, allowing unobstructed views while maintaining your privacy; when properly installed, it lasts for several years..

No need for ugly curtains. we've got you covered with these window ideas! #diy #privacy #windows #lifehacks