Ultra-lite-cadillac-tree-stand, **pre-order now for shipping in july 2019** features: sit and climb/hunt facing the tree 20″x30″ seat platform 18″x18″ foot climbing aid weighs 17.5 lbs. rated for 350 lbs. capacity handles trees up to 8″ – 18″ diameter rigid tree bar (no cables) knob screws, with fast threads. Ultra lite cadillac tree stand. we’ve tested it to over 800 lbs without even a blemish. perfect telescoping rails slide back out of the way, perfect for traditional archers with stickbows and recurves. treewalker treestands are super lightweight aluminum, portable climbing treestands. our southern hunters love this stand., the ultimate combination of value, comfort and climbing performance. the ultra-lite is built with hawk’s exclusive auto-latch cable system. this design allows hunters to simply and silently push the rubber-coated tree cables in the climber arms for near-automatic attachment..

Higher level open front . this lightweight climbing tree stand is our lightest higher level to date weighing in at a mere 19 lbs. perfect telescoping rails slide back out of the way, perfect for traditional archers with stickbows and recurves., good morning! i see you are an nc native, 2nd amendment (of course!) and boogaloo 2020 is your icon for your home page. i am southern born and raised from ga originally...i love the south and i love my country!.

Check out our merch! https://www.brunkoutdoors.com/shop we give you an honest review on an x-stand backcountry combo after using it for 2 years. please consi..., 1.higher level 21.5 elite higher level 21.5 elite climbing stand. the higher level 21.5 elite climbing stand, is one the best climbing stand made by buckhorn outdoors in my opinion.the higher level 21.5 elite climbing stand added 4-lbs to the stand, but it gives you the option to take the best nap ever in your treestand.. Hunting climbing tree stands. a climbing tree stand allows huntsmen to have a higher vantage point to hunt from a seat within a tree. being above ground level, a climber tree stand keeps the woodsman out of sight and helps to conceal the woodsmans scent., awesome tree surround {green thumb} small yard . join us for a wine & stone presentation explore what makes both wine and stone so unique! ugm granite royal oak..

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