Unborn-baby-s-heartbeat-sounds-like-a-train, unborn baby s heartbeat sounds like a train. the old wifes tale is that if the baby's heartbeat sounds like a train then it is a boy and if it sounds like a galloping horse then its girl!! some say it sounds like a train, some say it sounds like a galloping horse.. The reason a boy’s heartbeat sounds like a train but a girl’s sounds like a horse is, apparently, because a baby boy’s heart is beating at under 140 beats per minute, while a girl’s heartbeat is beating faster, at over 140 beats per minute., a stethoscope isn’t the only way to detect a fetal heartbeat at home. other devices might work, too, but be wary of claims. a fetoscope looks like a stethoscope combined with a horn..

I had my 16 weeks appointment with the midwife today and i heard the baby's heartbeat which was amazing!!! the midwife told me an old tale - "if the heartbeat sounds like a galloping horse they say it's a girl, if it sounds like a train then it's a boy." my baby's definitely sounded like a train!! an old wives tale i know, but was does everyone else think?, if my unborn baby's heartbeat sounds like a train does the myth say it would be a boy or a girl? answer save. 7 answers. relevance. sweetmami. 1 decade ago. favorite answer. well i've noticed from my own experience that the stronger the heart beat is a boy and not so strong is a girl. also i believe in this thing that my mom does to every ....

26 week sonagram test from our latest visit to the midwife. apparently if it's a train it's a boy, horses then it's a girl. you decide. and then also, if you're having a baby, you should get ..., my first couple of scans (9 weeks and 12) showed a heartbeat of 165+ leading everyone to comment that i was def having a girl!! however, found out at 20 weeks he's a boy..

I know the baby's heartbeat is supposed to sound like a train if it's a boy, and like galloping horses if it's a girl. our yellow bump definitely sounds like a train, so i'm trying to guess whether ot not that means there's a really high chance it's going to be a boy..??!! comments from original poster (3) 1, jackie lombardo is a safeminds board member, writer, and a member of the sierra club’s national toxics committee. as a mother of three, jackie has a keen interest in children’s health and remains involved in national projects stressing education, precaution and strong legislation for consumer products containing pesticides, mercury, bisphenol a, and lead..

Being pregnant is undoubtedly one of the happiest occasions in a woman’s life. these unborn baby quotes and sayings and pregnancy quotes are seriously the sweetest. just be warned: these quotes might illicit sobbing. and a lot of laughter too.