Under-floor-radiant-hardwood, imagine walking over heated wood floors on a cold winter night? radiant heat is becoming more and more popular in residential heating. most people are not aware of how radiant heat works. in fact, many people do. Having radiant heating in your floors can be a lifesaver during the cold winter months. instead of feeling chilled from your feet up as you attempt to walk to the restroom in the middle of the night, you could feel the pleasant heat that emanates directly from your floor and keeps you warm., what is radiant heat flooring? radiant heating system supply heat directly to your home’s floors or to panels in your walls/ceilings. systems of this nature are dependent on radiant heat transfer, which is the delivery of warmth directly from a hot surface to room occupants via infrared radiation..

Thanks to the advances made in the heated floor industry, it is now possible to confidently install hardwood floors over radiant heat. this means homeowners can now enjoy the natural beauty of hickory, oak, cherry, walnut, maple, ash, and any other fine hardwood, plus the efficiency and luxurious comfort provided by radiant heating., steps: 1 fasten the heat transfer plates to the underside of the old floor with ½-inch screws. install two parallel rows of plates between each pair of floor joists..

Dimensional stability chart. species with a higher number are less stable and are less suitable for use over radiant heat. cut wood is a hygroscopic and an anisotropic material, meaning it takes-on and throws-off moisture, and it shrinks and swells dependent on these changes in moisture differently in each direction.