Underground-storage-containers-for-guns, 270pcs 3:1 dual wall adhesive heat shrink tubing kit, 5 sizes (diameter): 3/8, 1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 3/32 inch, marine wire cable sleeve tube assortment with storage case for diy by milapeak (black & red). Valuables & guns vaults. many people preparing for a disaster situation wonder about storing valuables or other tools that may be stolen, or worse – make them a target for looters who aren’t as well prepared., a tough, reliable dry box. - whether you're prepping, stashing valuables away, storing guns, or just using it for transportation and travel, you won't be disappointed with the results you get.. This unique storage tube was originally used by the u.s. military to store and transport ordnance. the locking, airtight lid makes these tubes perfect for storing firearms, ammo, valuables and more. geocaching pros will love this tube! also makes a great display piece., underground storage is perfect, because zombies don't think to look there. personally, i'd use a food-grade vacuum sealer for the ammo. they're cheap, and would eliminate corrosion by removing the air (oxygen). i believe you could even get bags long enough for long guns..

Get serious about stashing away important items by sealing them up tight in this rugged gun burial tube. it's tough as nails, watertight and corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for long term storage. reliable long or short-term storage dry box can be buried or used for regular storage, the poly farm mono vaults safely and securely bury your firearms underground in their one-piece corrosion-proof and waterproof burial tubes. the mono vault burial tubes have a gamma seal lid that keeps moisture out to protect your cache. these polymer-constructed tubes have a ¼-inch wall thickness..

Silica gel will trap the excess moisture within itself and is a good solution for long term storage. pour some in the pipe. if you are concerned it will get into the contents of your stored materials place it in a clean sock or piece of panty hose. secure the sock or hose with a knot and a zip tie., to combat this, i suggest a two-phase plan of attack: first, protect the gun itself from moisture, then find a suitable, relatively airtight container for the weapon. 8-10″ pvc pipe can be used to....

First, it’s best if you acquire a container that already has a sealing mechanism in place, such as an o-ring and a cam lock. if nothing does the trick, then a pvc piping container is a great way to go, and can be constructed cheaply and easily, using weather-proof glue to keep it sealed and together.