Underground-water-storage-tanks-for-fire-protection, system design options utilizing fiberglass underground tanks are recognized in nfpa 22, water storage tanks for fire protection systems, as well as nfpa 1142, water supplies for suburban and rural fire fighting. containment solutions fire protection tanks feature: corrosion-resistance – fiberglass which is immune to rust.. Xerxes - fire protection underground and aboveground tanks by xerxes corporation. fiberglass underground tanks for fire-protection water are in high demand as a result of increased regulations and insurance industry requirements. whether it is a sole..., lightweight flowtite tanks can be custom built for any fire protection system design. tanks are manufactured to the national fire protection association (nfpa) specifications. large volume underground tanks can store enough water to suppress a potentially devastating fire before emergency vehicles arrive..

Xerxes fire protection xerxes fiberglass underground water tanks for fire protection water comply with most industry regulations and insurance requirements. maintenance free and corrosion resistant, xerxes tanks are perfect for space restricted projects and seismic earthquake-prone areas., underground fiberglass fire protection tanks are kept out of visible sight, consume less property and provide more security from external factors. most fire departments approve fiberglass water tanks for fire protection systems.. Fire protection poly water tanks polyethylene fire suppression water tanks are used for fire sprinkler water storage, mounting on fire trucks, and general fire protection. they come in a variety of shapes and sizes including stationary vertical water storage tanks, portable horizontal leg tanks with tie downs, and underground cisterns., fiberglass tanks are the tanks of choice for standby water storage system designers and installers know that the best standby sources of water for fire protection needs are stored in an underground or aboveground fiberglass tank..

Underground water storage tanks fire sprinkler reservoirsare holding tanks used to provide fire protection water for a sprinkler system that demands more water than the domestic water line serving the building can supply. this is a common occurrence in older commercial areas where underground water lines are too small for modern fire flows., firewater systems, inc. provides water storage installation and repair for your fire protection system. our product line includes above and underground tanks and fire pumps..

The tanks need to be located so that the tank, as well as the structure, are protected from fire exposure in accordance with nfpa 22 standard chapter through 4. tank materials (4.4): water tank materials are limited to steel, wood, concrete, coated fabrics, and fiberglass-reinforced plastic tanks.