Undermount-drawer-slides-vs-side-mount, undermount drawer glides versus side mounts: sanitation because they are underneath the drawer, undermounts do not collect dust as side mounts do. with side mounts, any time the drawer is open, bearings are exposed to dust, dirt and grime. the dirtier side mounts get, the less efficient and sanitary they are.. Took the words right out of my mouth. draw slides are nuts&bolts hardware that simply should not be seen. it's such a blemish whenever i see a nice cabinet and then the drawers come out and there's these ugly strips of steel screwed right into the side, like some sort of gaping open wound., cost of the undermounts is far higher than the side mounts, undermounts take up more space under the drawer, by quite a bit. undermounts offer a lot of wow factor if you get the softclose, and they are a bit smother to operate..

Few aspects of cabinet hardware are more confusing than the types of drawer slides and their mounting locations. for example, why does a top mount slide connect to the side of the drawer? or why is a bottom mount slide connected to the side of the cabinet? to help better understand drawer slide..., drawer slide mount type. decide whether you want a side-mount, center mount or undermount slides. the amount of space between your drawer box and the cabinet opening will affect your decision.

2. side-mounted ball bearing slides. side-mount ball bearing slides such as those made by accuride are affordable, dependable, and hard wearing. they come with a huge variety of optional features, among them a detent (helpful in cases where you want to use whatever is on the pull-out surface, such as a keyboard, without the drawer or tray closing when you touch it); extra-heavy load capacity ..., epoxy-coated drawer slides, ball-bearing slides, and bottom-mounted slides are three common types of slide hardware for drawer cabinets. wood's kevin boyle explains how to choose between the ....

Making a little pull out drawer for the wife. trying to get as much room as possible so i was thinking of taking some of my existing 18” ball bearing drawer slides and mounting them to the bottom of the drawer/case instead of the traditional side.