Underwater-vinyl-patch-kit, product overview for underwater and dry patching of vinyl swimming pools and other vinyl products. bonds patch and original vinyl together with fast-drying adhesive, providing high-strength hold. repairs tears and holes.. 300 pieces vinyl repair patch self adhesive repair patches repair patch for rip, tear, hole, swimming pool or inflatable products, tork inground & above ground swimming pool patch vinyl liner kit, blue prizm, (2) pc. of 1 ft. x 8 inches. w/ 4oz. glue (kit2015). Works under water includes adhesive, applicator, clear vinyl patch, four easy stick small patches, and one large easy stick patch vinyl repair patch kit works under water to repair pool liners, inflatables and more. repairs holes and rips to pool liners, inflatables and more, find pool vinyl repair patch kit pool liner accessories at lowe's today. shop pool liner accessories and a variety of outdoors products online at

Whether its an above ground or in-ground pool, water leakage poses a threat that might bring damage to the pool if not immediately addressed. this is the reason why it is a must to look for the best pool patch glue and other similar products to solve the issue of water leakage., leaks in vinyl pools are patched with an underwater vinyl patch kit. most vinyl pool owners do not have a problem with leaks in the vinyl liner per se, in fact – it’s more common to leak in other areas, than it is to leak through a rip or hole in the vinyl. areas like the skimmer, returns, drains, steps and pool lights..

For underwater and dry patching of vinyl swimming pools and other vinyl products, choose this effective hdx vinyl pool patch kit. (1) 7/8 x 7/8"patch (1) 1 3/8 x 1 3/8"patch (1) 12"reinforcement filament for rparing tears at edges (2) alcohol prep pads (1) illustrated instructions product repair list kit dimensions:, reasonably good patch kit the vinyl supplied to cut patches from seems very durable and thick. the adhesive works well enough however the instructions take a bit of interpretation to apply the product correctly. do not let the surfaces dry before joining them, apply the cement then immediately adhere the patch over the hole and secure it in place..

This vinyl patch kit lends itself to be used in dry conditions or under water with equal ease, so you don t need to drain the water at all. you can also use this repair kit to patch up inflatable toys and spa or pool covers, making it a handy item to keep around the house.