Unfinished-attic-smoke-detector, hi. i was told of an inspector that said a wireless smoke alarm should be put inside an attic, to just lay it down (presumably near the hatch). also was not mentioned was whether it was an unfinished attic or finished attic. quoting the agencies, no smoke alarm should be put into an unfinished attic (dust, temperature, etc.). opinion?. Hold the smoke detector mounting bracket against the wall at the locations you marked in the attic. use a pencil to mark the detector’s mounting holes on the wall or on the bare ceiling rafters of..., the us fire administration / fema recommends that you have a heat detector rather than a smoke alarm in your garage. another location in a home where you should have a heat detector rather than a smoke alarm is the attic. smoke alarms are not designed for garages and attics and are much more likely to fail than a heat detector..

Buying an electric car, and wanted to set up a heat alarm in the garage in case anything were to happen. easy to install. i had to wire in a new box before installing the heat alarm., if you sleep better at night with an attic smoke detector, they do make detectors for extreme temperatures. they go from -15 to + 200 degrees fahrenheit. the only problem with these is the dust in most unfinished attics. if you have a workman in they will stir up the insulation and create dust..

The internet’s leader in commercial fire alarms & replacement parts. carrying commercial fire alarms & replacements parts from simplex, edwards, siemens, notifier, cerberus pyrotronics and more!. life safety consultants stocks a wide array of commercial fire alarms and commercial fire alarm replacement parts to keep your essential fire protection systems at optimal functionality., smoke detectors must be less than 10 years old. all smoke detectors must be in proper working order. one smoke detector on each level, including basement (excluding crawl space and unfinished attic). smoke detector should be in hall outside bedrooms or in bedrooms..

So, my house burned down a couple of years ago. the fire started on an outside wall, went up the wall and into the attic space, spread across the entire house in the attic (with no smoke coming into the house) until the ceiling was about to collapse, which was far too late. luckily my wife and i were upstairs and hear the rafters crackling, looked outside and saw the wall of fire and got our ..., unfinished attic smoke alarms are not designed to work in extreme heat or cold, or in areas where smoke and dust are common because they could damage the sensors of the alarm. heat detectors should be used in attics.