Unique-tile-shapes, one of the most unique tile shapes is round, because it is simply just not seen as often as the square or rectangular variety. however you won’t find larger sized choices but instead smaller ones known as penny tile. this variety gets its name from the fact that they circles are similar in size to pennies.. Mar 2, 2016 - explore unique stone imports's board "unique tile", followed by 231 people on pinterest. see more ideas about unique tile, mosaic, mosaic tiles., custom tile shapes: salmon, bears, & more a blend of copper and silver slate fish tiles swimming in a pebble stream through a slate field. create a unique backsplash or shower people always leave our home show booth singing the praises of our slate fish mosaic boards, and now your house guests can leave your home with the same awe and amazement!.

Mosaic monday: unique backsplash tile shapes that catch the eye june 26, 2017. installing a unique backsplash to your kitchen or bathroom is like adding a cherry to your ice cream sundae!, as unique as your penmanship, cursive’s unique tile shapes bring signature style to your interior design. showcase stunning textures and shades by developing your own pattern with glass, ceramic or natural stone tiles. create a unique backsplash or shower. this year is all about the a-typical and unique tile shapes..

Tiles with unique shapes can be used in a variety of places. our varese hex is made to look like concrete. because it is so large and neutral, it can be used as flooring throughout an entire house or commercial interior, and the hexagonal shape will create a subtle design element that will set the space apart., unique tile shapes add dimension, style and a touch of distinctive charm to a modern kitchen. from hexagon tiles to herringbone or even more intricate floral designs, there are plenty of ways to....

As unique as your penmanship, cursive’s unique tile shapes bring signature style to your interior design. let walls be your memoir as you write with the eclectic colors and shapes of cursive. punctuate spaces with light and dark colors. craft an epic tile tale with our handmade variation that lends design depth and promises to wow., unique tile shapes source uniquely shaped tiles when exploring kitchen backsplash ideas for a completely original statement. shapes that veer away from common squares and rectangles are a great option to make your kitchen backsplash unique to your home..

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