Wax-cotton-motorcycle-jacket-review, it's a scientifically proven fact that a wax cotton motorcycle jacket makes you look at least twice as cool as you would wearing a leather jacket. wax jackets and motorcycling have a lot history together but the wax motorcycle jacket was made iconic when it was worn by hollywood star steve mcqueen, pictured above. he was an avid motorcyclist and pretty handy too.. 2018 spring merlin wax-cotton jackets review merlin anson wax jacket, walker & hawkes - mens unpadded wax jacket countrywear hunting waxed coat - olive.

Here's my quick review; i wasn't sure what to expect for only £89 - but actually this jacket is really impressive. it's a heavyweight 12 oz wax cotton with a check lining that's exactly the same pattern as my barbour international. the fit is good - not tailored but equally not too baggy., first a little history; waxed cotton jackets – and trousers – are often thought of as the choice of motorcycle enthusiasts from yesteryear. the rugged material with regularly waxed coating meant it offered a certain level of waterproofness for the rider combined with an amount of protection in the event of a spill..

A wax cotton jacket does not easily absorb moisture. in fact, rain tends to run off it. but if you combine a wax cotton outer with a waterproof membrane, you can end up with a very high level of waterproofing. but practical as wax cotton can be as a material for a motorcycle jacket, its popularity is linked to its classic heritage., a classic waxed jacket is an item most of us have in their closets. barbour is sure leading on the market when it comes to the ‘waxed jacket’. but there’s more out there than only barbour..

Barbour wax thornproof dressing or lightweight jacket bar modern waxed cotton outerwear is no longer relegated to workwear or vintage-style motorcycle garb, and since waxed cotton fabric has a penchant for toughness, water-repellency, and warmth, it’s now used in everyday cold-weather outerwear., if you think you’ve got all the winter outerwear in your closet that you can possibly fit, think again. between a slim topcoat, a durable parka and an essential denim jacket for layering, you also need a coat that’s rough and tough enough to do it all. enter a waxed canvas jacket, made in a variety of silhouettes and with various bells and whistles galore to take on winter weather..

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