Wax-dipping-bee-equipment, specifications and more info on wax dipping. this is from the beekeeper who sent me the diagrams, but my experience is basically the same- “inside tank dimension are 36" x 24" by 34" depth, and it sits 8" above the ground on a steel base, so total overall height it 42".. Wax dipping beekeeping equipment, michael bush. pictures of me wax dipping and some details of the process., wax dipping is also an effective way of disinfecting wooden parts, and can be used to salvage equipment exposed to foulbrood, as spores are eradicated by the extreme heat involved. the only alternative methods of sterilization are gamma irradiation and complete destruction by fire. the initial set up for wax dipping is both complex and costly..

The process; wax dipping is performed by heating a mixture of paraffin wax and rosin or micro-crystalline wax heated to 150-160 degrees celsius (302-320 deg. f). the wooden-ware is then fully immersed in the wax for about 10 minutes. this allows for the wax to permeate the wood and displace all of the moisture., parrafin wax is one of the industrial wax that you can use to dip your boxes in. coating the wood in wax is beneficial for the bees and the hive itself..

A few years ago, we built a wax dipping tank. the tank is stainless, and filled with a mixture of 2:1 paraffin to microcrystalline wax. the wax is heated to 160 celsius (320 fahrenheit), and the boxes are submerged for 10 minutes. the water within the boxes boils out, and it is replaced with wax., wax dipping service. cooking bee boxes, lids and bases increases the longevity of wood ware from the elements. the wood ware is cooked for 10 minutes at 160.c in paraffin and microcrystalline wax. they can be left like this but for an even longer life of the wood ware they can be painted twice..

Paraffin dipping wooden hive components is an excellent way to preserve the timber and is also a suitable way to sterilise them if they have been infected by afb. hot dipped supers can be expected to last up to 10 years. the key is to have the wax as hot as safely possible (150-160deg., paraffin wax dipper by hiveworld nz – features: designed to make the dangerous job of dipping your hive supers and other materials safer and easier. no need to put your hands anywhere near the hot wax in the tank. the paraffin wax dipper has two lids so while two boxes are draining and being painted, you can dip two more.