Wiring-a-ceiling-fan-with-remote, you can wire a new ceiling fan with a remote to a wall switch or retrofit an older fan to accept an aftermarket remote kit. 1 flip off the circuit breaker controlling the wall switch in the room..... Hi russ, thanks for sharing about your successful ceiling fan remote installation. one thing for sure, right when you think everything is created equal your find one that’s a little different, and you managed to overcome this challenge, especially with the universal remote, which should be in fact “universal”, after all, it is just a transmitter and receiver operation with addressable ..., to control a ceiling fan through remote, follow the following wiring instructions: first of all, turn off the main breaker to disconnect the power supply. now connect the green / yellow wire to the ground wire from household db board. there are three outgoing and two incoming wires in the receiver..

When wiring a ceiling fan remote control it becomes a problem when the remote unit is connected to a wire that is controlled by a wall switch, or when someone pulls a pull chain switch on the ceiling fan. both of these scenarios will mess up the control process and the remote control will not be able to do it’s job and function correctly., install the ceiling fan remote receiver before you begin, set the fan speed to high. if it’s equipped with a light source, make sure the pull chain turns the light to the on position. turn the wall switch to the off position..

A remote-controlled ceiling fan utilizes the free space within the fan's canopy. a remote is installed within the fan, and one of the two wall switches is bypassed in order for remote access. one of the switches within the working of the fan is connected to a remote, which can be controlled – as you may guess – remotely., wiring ceiling fan and light with one switch this method allows you to turn on the fan and the light from one single wall switch, cutting out the necessity to use the pull chain every time you want to adjust the fan. connect the green/copper wires together. connect white wires together.