Wood-fired-maple-syrup-evaporator, the basic 26” x 46” 12 gph maple syrup cooker is a perfect evaporator for the small backyard hobby syrup processor on a limited budget. this wood-fired maple syrup evaporator allows the maple syrup do-it-yourselfer hobbyist to step up from using makeshift cookers to a real maple syrup evaporator at a nominal cost.. All you need is 5 to 50 taps to collect sap, some wood to fuel the evaporator—and that's it! and just like more expensive professional systems, this sturdily built evaporator features a stainless steel evaporating pan with channels so the syrup can be drawn off and more sap can be added without having to empty the pan., the wse maple sap evaporator is a combination of two stainless steel, tig welded pans sold as a set, and a fire box called the arch. each leader wse evaporator is customized to fit the needs of your maple operation. the set of pans is made up of a flue pan (back pan) and syrup pan (front or flat pan)..

Evaporators our wood fired evaporators are built to last and designed for maximum performance. each unit includes a built in ash drawer/shovel to keep the ash level low and allows more oxygen to reach the bottom of the fire. this allows for a hotter more consistent burn., before starting construction on your homemade maple syrup evaporator, gather the materials and build a mock-up of the evaporator, placing the concrete blocks and firebrick just as they would be in....

The starcat maple syrup evaporator packs a surprising punch. this feisty, high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator is capable of 8 gallons per hour evaporation rate. the starcat is a breakthrough solution for the backyard hobby maple syrup producer who wants an affordable, yet highly effective, machine to process maple sap into maple syrup., contact us! roth sugar bush 656 tower drive, cadott wi 54727 our new location is behind the truck stop in cadott at the intersection of hwy 27 & hwy 29.

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