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While the exact functional significance of the fusiform gyrus remains unclear, it has been implicated in the following neurologic systems related to processing and recognition of visual.

13+ Fusiform Face Area Function PNG. Messengers that allow neurons to communicate, sentries that control what. Can we animate the fusiform gyrus?

Processing of Emotional Facial Expressions as a Function ...
Processing of Emotional Facial Expressions as a Function ... from www.researchgate.net
Fusiform face area fusiform gyrus problem 2: First area to check is the application log files. Following the composite face recognition period was the functional localizer period, the aim of which was to identify the traditional cortical areas with preferential responses to faces (i.e., the ffa and the ofa).

Brain matter consists of a variety of molecules that are crucial for brain function:

Here we measured the correlation between ffa activity measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) and behavioral outcomes in perceptual tasks to. The human ffa was first described by justine sergent in 1992 and later named by nancy kanwisher in 1997 who proposed that the. Infering function at the right level of generality/specificity Fortunately there are a lot of tools that will help you debug it and get it back on the rails.